We are so lucky at SAUCE to be able to combine our platform with a plethora of creatives and produce tangible art. We are drawn to the things that make Swimwear unique and raw, and being surrounded by people with such amazing talent, ambition and dynamic skills gives us the opportunity to project this.  We are honoured to have worked with Sydney based artist, Saxon Duke, who created a bespoke piece as the central feature across our latest collection. A man of many attributes, Duke has been super successful in the professional industry. He has played major roles as senior director and art director at some esteemed agencies in Sydney, and has been recognised in his personal expression, across many mediums and canvases...

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The Dad Cam- Olivia Dejonge + Bella Bray

  SOME DAD CAM INSIGHT How do you catch those raw moments; all encompassing laughter, that rare reveal of awkwardness and pure being in the moment.  Liv captures it on her Dad Cam, documenting the best bits of life, happenings and now SAUCE. She gets a lot of the good stuff with fellow conspirator- Bel. Liv and Bel are tight as friends living in Melbourne. Bel recently moving from the sweet Northern Beaches in NSW and Liv from Perth to Bondi. Although both never stay still and you can never be sure where either bright spark will be next. Liv, being a super talented actor means that she travels quite a bit for work- her new series "The Society" has just come out on Netflix. Probably...

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Onnie, fruity 4 SAUCE

    Ondine Seabrook, mostly known as Onnie or to a few of us as Cron, has been a life long and dear friend of ours at SAUCE.  When we created our first collection and the desire for a FRUIT bikini was too great to simmer, we knew that Onnie was the artist for the job, our ultimate accomplice. The final product- our FRUIT bikini, is now SAUCE’s most coveted print.  We knew that our work with Onnie would not end there and we again joined forces to create our old school- HAWAII BABY print. With no doubt that we'll collaborate again (after all Onnie is a SAUCE girl now), we're absolutely looking forward to what's to come in the future.  Ondine dabbles between...

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