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the dad cam⟶olivia dejonge & bella bray

the dad cam⟶olivia dejonge & bella bray



How do you catch those raw moments; all encompassing laughter, that rare reveal of awkwardness and pure being in the moment.

Liv captures it on her Dad Cam, documenting the best bits of life, happenings and now SAUCE. She gets a lot of the good stuff with fellow conspirator- Bel.

Liv and Bel are tight as friends living in Melbourne. Bel recently moving from the sweet Northern Beaches in NSW and Liv from Perth to Bondi. Although both never stay still and you can never be sure where either bright spark will be next.

Liv, being a super talented actor means that she travels quite a bit for work- her new series "The Society" has just come out on Netflix. Probably one of the contributing factors to her amazing knack for being behind the camera also. And Bel is currently in Singapore collecting content for the book she's putting together on the ironic and inspiring fashion culture of aunties and uncles (grandma's and grandpa's).  



We love the Dad cam!


Does your Dad own a Dad cam??

Yes! This is my dad’s actual cam from years and years ago.


When do you seem to snap the best footage?

Usually when people don’t realise they’re being filmed, and sometimes its not even me that snaps it. I’ve had the camera disappear on nights out only to return hours later with random footage strangers have taken on it.


Your collation of video snippets appear totally random and fun, do you reckon this is how life should be/ is?

Yeah absolutely!! I think that’s why I started shooting on it. Often times with our phones they’re so easy and we lose the meaning behind what we are recording and why, but with the handicam its a little more deliberate, and I only really shoot stuff when I know it’ll be fun to capture. But then again it really is only a highlight reel, and within that, its only pieces of hours of footage.


What’s your favourite thing to wear?

Liv: T shirt and jeans. I’m a simple gal.

Bell: Anything colourful and Sparkly. Or a Baggy t-shirt as a dress with my sneakers :)


Liv, I know that you love full pieces. Do you think that swimwear has got progressively too skimpy or do you still find that you love a lot of what’s going around?

I think swimwear is always evolving. I like people wearing whatever makes them comfortable, and it’s amazing that brands are incorporating a wide variety of styles to accommodate that. For me, I like wearing full pieces because I also love food and like to eat whenever and wherever and I can’t be bothered stressing about that post meal bloat!!! 


Bel, how much are you loving Melbourne? What’s it like not being able to go to the beach whenever the feeling takes you?

I love it a lot! It feels like I’ve been here forever. Surprisingly I’m coping pretty well without the beach, but my skin definitely misses the ocean. I guess I’ve just found other vices.


How do you wear SAUCE with your day to day outfit?

Liv: I wear the DIVER full piece with my baggy jeans!!

Bell: Last summer I wore my FRUIT kini with black track pants, my green bucket hat and baby pink slides. I want to bring it back again next summer. SAUCE and sneakers are another fave outfit of mine.


SAUCE to you in 3 words...

Liv: Sexy. Comfortable. Cool.

Bell: Fun, creative, cool



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