―swimwear made right. est. 2018.

☀︎ Conscious creation⟶
We endeavour to create as consciously as it is possible. We acknowledge that in this industry we will never be perfect, but we do promise transparency and strive to make the most 'sustainable' choices we have available. We try to veer away from using the term 'sustainable' as this valuable word has lost a lot of its weight in  meaning due to greenwashing. So at SAUCE we have made the decision to use the term conscious. These are the steps we take to stay true to this:

―Our cozzies are made using regenerated nylon from post-consumer materials that fill our oceans and landfills- old fishing nets and forgotten clothes 

―We use reusable and compostable packaging 

We re-use and recycle our fabric cut offs (if there ever are any) and reproduce them as lining or straps in the next collection 

We are not trend driven but trans-seasonal, giving our garments the longevity that they deserve 

♥︎ Ethical practices⟶
Our swimwear is hand-made by one very talented woman- Judy, at her studio in Sydney. By producing solely in Aus, by hand, it means that we create in small numbers and maintain high-end quality with low environmental impact. 

✐ Supporting artists⟶
We celebrate art at SAUCE. Each season we collaborate with an Australian artist to create custom prints, making SAUCE original and exclusive (yay). Our artists receive a percentage of each collaboration piece purchased. By choosing SAUCE you’re supporting local artists too- thank you!


Alice & Elise xx