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kane does SAUCE

kane does SAUCE

A man of many talents- Kane Lehanneur has actually been part of SAUCE since the beginning. Capturing and filming one of our first shoots- an elusive and sultry night of young love. 




- You’re a photographer and film maker, you mix vinyl, you're a graphic designer, surfer, run an agency and have just had your first solo art exhibition. Where does your energy source come from!? 

"Well I don't really surf, I grew up skateboarding, surfing is something I do want to get better at though... BUT BALANCE, balance is definitely key for me. Re sparking my energy through different projects is important to keep creativity high. Whilst also accepting that sometimes some projects have to take precedence over others. If you try to push something too much it can become unbalanced and it ends up looking like a dog's breakfast really.... so I make sure I have a few projects on I can dive between at once."

- When do you have your down time? When do you do things for YOU? 

"Painting is my down time at the moment, takes me away from the screens, which can get a bit much for my eyes. Or when I'm at home I love playing guitar, anything that I can do with my hands is my switch off."

- What are some of your self love & care habits?

"Getting in the ocean, it's the biggest one for me to reset. Other than that, time with friends and my girl. Can't say that I have a cute beauty regime but I love cooking which helps me to look after myself. Spending time with other people and caring for them is just as important as doing things for myself."

- Do you have any mentors or people that have shaped you creatively?

"I have so many different inspirations in this world, as I do so many different things it's hard to pinpoint somebody or something that inspires me the most. Also content travels so quickly these days that you don't even end up knowing where you're getting your inspo from, which is just the life cycle of creativity these days. My brother has been a big inspiration to me growing up from a young age though."

- What advise would you give your 18 year old self?

"Start now. Don't let anyone deter you. Smoke less pot... maybe not actually. Discover yourself and be a little more selfish in taking care of yourself."

- What do you find is the most fulfilling element of your job/ jobs?

"Being able to work for myself. I have complete control of when, where and what I work on. The freedom to be able to do things when you feel creatively inspired is a gift."

- What is your star sign?

"Capricorn (don't really know what that means, ask Cara ;), 30th Dec, a quarter century last birthday."

- Did you go to uni? 

"I dabbled with a couple of design schools in Graphic Design and Photography. But truthfully I feel like creative study is very hit and miss, getting marked is so subjective and can destroy OR make you. It's crazy that it can really come down to the teacher you have and if they like the look of you/your work. If you're passionate and practise a lot you can so easily educate yourself these days."

- What song are you listening to right now? Song of the week. What's on repeat?

"Hard question but- Traffik Island - Sweat Kollecta's Peanut Butter Traffik Jam dropped recently and I love it. Mix of some psychedelic jazzy goodness."

- How do you do your part for sustainability? 

"*Kane holds up coffee mug*. Just being conscious of the waste I produce and go through every day and trying to minimise that any way possible. I'm huge on compost, we grew veggies and we had chickens at my old house, which I just recently moved out off, unfortunately don’t have room for that any more.. But not eating meat is a huge one too, I feel like if we had a go at that and switched to renewable energy this world wouldn't be burning to the ground (quite literally)."

- Have you got a new concept or technique that you're currently working on?

"My next show will be at Aggy's Corner- a cute little cafe spot near me, stay tuned, hopefully have a release date for that soon. It's going to have a bit of a comment on the past Australian summer we had, hard not to be influenced by that right... the changing colour of the sun, that really sparked me. It will be a collection of paintings and lino prints. Hoping to donate a % of profit/ proceeds to a chosen charity."

Rad SAUCE videos by Kane below!-