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baby boob blues⟶ by Q

baby boob blues⟶ by Q
muse and words⟶Q
photographed bySAUCE

"After breast feeding I had a negative relationship with my breasts. Although I was in awe of what they had done for my child, I couldn't help but feel disappointed looking at them on my naked body. One sagged more than the other, they had stretch marks and my nipples were HUGE.

Entering into a new relationship, it was nerve-wracking showing my breasts to someone that hadn't gone through the chaos of childbirth alongside me. I worried he wouldn’t find me sexy or would be put off, perhaps not fully appreciating the journey they’d been on. I became increasingly self conscious, daring not to “bare all”. Though my partner would openly worship my breasts, my appreciation of them was still negative.

I decided to do something about it, so I began to draw myself. I'm not an artist by any means but I began to draw my view of my breasts. I drew how I thought they looked, one breast lower than the other, deflated, defeated. Yet once I finished I thought, “huh those are some beautiful boobs!”

My own drawing proved to me that actually, I don't see my breasts as ugly, they're pretty damn good! Turns out I didn't need anyone but myself to show me my post baby boobs were beautiful.

Since then I've been actively setting aside a day each week for myself to draw. One drawing a week, a celebration of self love and worth which all started with a pair of saggy boobs"