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sour 4 SAUCE

sour 4 SAUCE


We are so lucky at SAUCE to be able to combine our platform with a plethora of creatives and produce tangible art. We are drawn to the things that make Swimwear unique and raw, and being surrounded by people with such amazing talent, ambition and dynamic skills gives us the opportunity to project this. 

We are honoured to have worked with Sydney based artist, Saxon Duke, who created a bespoke piece as the central feature across our latest collection. A man of many attributes, Duke has been super successful in the professional industry. He has played major roles as senior director and art director at some esteemed agencies in Sydney, and has been recognised in his personal expression, across many mediums and canvases that aren't always stretched across a frame.

We wanted to delve a little deeper into Dukes thoughts and processes and see what he thinks of the new HAPPY SAUCE collection (coming VERY SOON- Spring19, brace yourselves). As we suspected, he’s got some damn good things to say. 


1. Do you have a cheeky story that says a little bit about you?

You can’t be good at everything. But if you can’t be good, be good at it. 

2. Would you say that you have two distinct sides? The man at the office and the man behind the spray can? 

Yes 100%. I'm a highly functioning Gemini so it's the perfect match. I can be whoever I want to be at the flick of a switch. He he. In saying that working in the creative industry the lines are pretty blurred anyway. I rock up covered in paint all the time, wheel my terrible stories through the door & everyone's usually pretty mad for it.

3. What is your earliest memory of an artistic moment that you had (at a young age)? 

Probably drawing 'funny things' on the wall of public toilets. When you're a kid, it's something you envisage scary old perverts doing. False alarm everybody. It's probably just five year old.

5. You've painted some naked bodies, how was that? 

I've been really fortunate to work with some amazing subjects who've been highly trusting of the process. When applying predominately spray paint to skin there's always the risk of an allergic reaction or some level of discomfort. I'm a naturally awkward person which adds another level of complexity. These things aside it's been a really rewarding experience collaborating with good people achieving exceptional results everyone's been happy with. 

6. And I know that this is a generic question but is also a genuine one- where do you draw your inspiration from?/ what inspires you? 

Like a multitude of others I'd say my immediate surrounds & circumstances provide a wealth of inspiration I probably process passively without my knowledge. For example if I am painting an abandoned space where safety is possibly not guaranteed, I might paint using bright hues subconsciously making light of a situation. Maybe that's more a coping mechanism as apposed to inspiration but I find them much a muchness. Inspiration is a requirement of everyday life and I'll find it anywhere I can. It could be something as simple as a smile from a stranger which triggers a month worth of work that I’m proud of. The mind's beautiful like that.

7. Your tag name is SOURS, can you tell us more? 

I was young and none of the graffiti boogeymen had taken that word yet. People tell me whiskey sours are ok too!

8. What has it been like to see your art turned into a bikini? To see your art being worn?

I'm highly flattered to have been considered and I feel a bit overjoyed. It was really sweet of you to include me and you really just let me run with it without restriction which is pretty stellar. How lucky am I. A saucy experience as a whole. Send me one to try on maybe.

9. Have you worked with any brands before?

Yes. The liquor industry has been occasionally lucrative or supportive in the past. Picture Bananas being hurled at a monkey whilst it briskly claps tiny symbols together that are really really really loud. 

10. What's your take on the sustainability movement?

It's something everyone should support & it's great to see brands who are aware of where they play a role in that. Consumers are increasingly more conscious or mindful and are doing due diligence in supporting brands based on this. I have pretty relaxed standards, but am becoming more clued up of the implications of my purchasing behaviours. Still a sucker for a dirty pair of Nike Air Max, I’m sorry world.

12. What do you think about the point of difference in our swimwear- the artist collaboration concept?

Pretty bloody cute. Why don’t more people do this? Because they are shittt… Ha ha no seriously though, it’s a well considered approach & there is great longevity in it. It’s a good platform for self expression. You should be so proud of what you've achieved & I am a massive fan of everyone you've partnered with in the past. Hey Onnie :). Tangible art is fun & enriches the lives of people who embrace it.