*designed & hand made in Sydney, Australia  


HARISSA in DAISY embroidery

- Brief coverage

- Adjustable waistband with gold slides

- Beautiful & unique daisy chain stitched using vintage 60’s thread, done by Kai Brown

- Lining in Merlot 

model wears size small 


Our DAISY bikini is one very special piece, no one being the same. 
The stunning daisy chain stitch you see on this garment has been thoughtfully sewn by professional embroiderer- Kai Brown. 
1. Kai threads his machine with an ultra cool, lustrous & vintage (no longer made) 1960’s thread 
2. Whilst our sustainable, Italian lycra is backed in a “washable backing” to stabilise the fabric
3. Kai presses go with the foot pedal on his old school, heavy duty embroidery machine 
4. Carefully curating a freestyle stitch using the handle that is positioned underneath the machine, all done by feel and technique, we cannot quite describe how impressive this process is, but that it takes superior skill and experience- check the vid out!
5. A few more very labour intensive steps go on after this
6. Then our super talented sewing team stitches our baby together, lining, straps, slides and all
7. Voila! The most unique and fun bikini you’ve laid those gorgeous eyes on


*please note that this is a delicate garment, watch out for rough surfaces & please be gentle with her*